Batina Darken: The Adventures of a Spooky Girl

Welcome spooky enthusiasts..

My name is Batina Darken, and welcome to my Blog. I am a Creepy Cuter. I love all things, horror, paranormal, Sci-Fi and Gothic. I read tarot, read paranormal romance, LOVE horror movies, adult colouring books, creepy art, Halloween, Knitting and history.

There are plenty of goth blogs out there which are heavily based on the fashion and lifestyle, and I can think of so many… but this isn’t a Goth Blog.. This is a lifestyle blog for Creepy girls.. girls who like horror, but like it to be cute.

Let me explain that a bit further. Take the artwork for this blog. There are cute-looking pastel coloured dolls, yet there is also eyeballs, bats, and mouths sewn with string. Most creepy cute does have a gorier feel to it, like dripping blood, coffins, zombie hands, teeth etc.. so its a less creepy version. I chose this artwork, because of the books, cute bats, and pumpkins.

What can you expect?

πŸ–€ Book Reviews

πŸ–€ Fantasy Colouring tips

πŸ–€ Gothic/Dark History

πŸ–€ Graveyard History

πŸ–€ Spooky Crafts

πŸ–€ Halloween themed Food & decorations

πŸ–€ Ghost Stories

πŸ–€ Paranormal/Fantasy/Horror Creative writing skills

πŸ–€ Tarot/Oracle Cards

This blog is a new adventure for me, and it’s something I have wanted to create for some time. You can head to my ‘About me’ page to find out more about my personal life.

I really hope you can pop back soon, but in the meantime leave a message to say hi!!